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A full house of audio experts gathered in Aalborg, Denmark for the 2016 AES Conference on Headphone Technology to discuss the latest advancements in headphone audio. Among the key themes at the conference were the personalization of headphone audio and spatial sound reproduction via headphones.

To learn more, visit: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/aes-headphone-technology-conference-head-related-transfer-function

Simulation-based personalization of HRTFs is a viable solution for bringing 3-D audio to every pair of headphones.

IDA’s demo, also presented in Aalborg, shows the comparison of different HRTFs using sound samples with strong directional content. The classic examples of a tractor passing and a helicopter flyover (virtualized Auro3D 11.1 material) show easily perceivable differences between personalized HRTFs. Check out the demo above to experience how the world sounds through someone else’s ears.


Recorded material courtesy of Auro Technologies