IDA creates a high-quality personal audio profile using an innovative simulation approach. Instead of highly uncomfortable, time consuming, and expensive measurements, all it takes now is a simple 3D scan of a listener’s head and ears to create a custom audio profile.

For years, the only way to determine your unique acoustic profile (HRTF), was to take physical measurements in an anechoic chamber. That meant placing small microphones inside your ears—not a very comfortable feeling—and remaining completely still inside the chamber for long periods of time.

IDA makes things fast and simple by 3D scans. The hard work is in the computing, and that’s taken care of by cloud computers—where the simulation environment is completely anechoic and the 3D model completely still. The scans are perfectly safe and the result is an extremely high quality personalized acoustic profile.

Each individual acoustic profile is packaged into an AES-standardized container called SOFA (Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics). It is revolutionary yet simple to use, just upload it to your DAW plugin, and you have your own binaural rendering built for your own ears.