To help celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary, the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra arranged 100 concerts to be performed at the city’s concert hall. But one of these concerts was held at a private residence. The best part is that the concert was recorded for personalized 3-D playback.

“Traditional stereo listening leaves a lot of room for improvement in terms of immersion and realism,” says Antti Vanne, IDA’s CEO, “That’s why we took this unique opportunity to record some of our country’s most talented classical musicians in an intimate setting with state-of-the-art technology that IDA is developing. Recording the home concert in this manner allowed us to create a tailored, immersive playback experience for anyone with a personal acoustic profile – something that IDA allows listeners to create with relative ease – to experience the event, both the music and the environment, as if they were there person. The immersion in the recorded setting is flawless in terms of personalized audio.”

The home concert recording was created in cooperation with the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, Aalto University, and Infinite Dimensions Audio.

Keep in mind that an audio track will never sound the same to everyone. The unique shape of your head and ears mean that your audio experiences are singularly your own. If you’re looking for a truly immersive headphone audio experience that delivers sound as it was intended to be heard, visit IDA.